Disposable Gloves

Prevent yourself from exchange of germs, viruses and bacteria by wearing light weight, comfortable and durable disposable gloves. Recyclable in nature, offered gloves are generally worn by doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals. Easy to maintain and use, these gloves will also protect your hands from harmful chemicals and fluids used in the labs. Soft and smooth to the skin, these gloves will provide utmost comfort to the wearer while performing surgery or any other work. Waterproof and resistant to tear, these gloves are also used in parlor, hospitals, homes, food industries, etc. Easy to wear, offered gloves will also prevent you from infections through wounds. Breathable and comfortable, these disposable gloves can also be worn while stepping out of home.

Transparent Disposable Plastic Gloves

Size: S, M, L, XL Shelf life: 3 Years Package: 100 Pieces / Case
Price: 0.06~0.2 USD ($)/Piece

Disposable Vinyl Gloves

Package:100 Pieces / Case No Powder Size: Offer all kind of size
Price: 3~7 USD ($)/Case

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